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September 26


8 weeks
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About this program

The AMA Academy Finance Journalism Program is a 8 week-program designed by AMA Academy and sponsored by Ecobank. It provides financial, tech and business journalists with the most comprehensive, cutting-edge knowledge and skills needed to report the actual African Tech Revolution.

How You'll Learn

Application & Selection

The program is open to any journalist covering the trade, business, finance and tech sectors in Africa. Upon application, selected journalists will be contacted via email.

Training & Certification

Selected journalists will be trained in subjects such as History and transformation of financial services, AI and Open Banking. Selected journalists will be provided with an opportunity to interview speakers, who are experts in the area of tech.

Awards & Networking

The program will be an amazing opportunity to participate, learn and network with the best journalists in the industry. After the program, the best journalists will be awarded with a prize.


History of Financial Services in Africa and future Trends

From the European colonization of the continent to the present day, the continent’s financial landscape has changed dramatically. The module will take journalists through the history of financial development in Africa from its beginnings until now.

Introduction to Blockchain for Financial Services

In this module, we will discuss the limitations of the Internet for business and economic activity and explain how blockchain technology represents the way forward. After completing the module, journalists will be able to explain what blockchain is, how it works, and why it is revolutionary.

FinTech Security, Regulation, Governance, and Inclusion

In this module, we will understand RegTech and learn about how FinTech and RegTech disrupt and transform finance industry, such as challenges in protecting data and security with digital forensics, risk management and corporate governance in banking industry in terms of Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML).

FinTech Technologies and the Transformation in Financial Services

The FinTech revolution is rapidly transforming the financial industry. The use of digital technologies is the norm, and together with regulatory and market changes it is creating a revolution. After completion of this module, journalists will be able to describe the changes that influence the financial sector, understand the complexity of the system, recognize changes in the regulatory frameworks and how they inhibit or promote innovation.

Artificial Intelligence in Fintech and Open Banking

In a world where big data and consequently data-driven businesses are disrupting all markets, it is critical for journalists reporting on finance to have a clear understanding of how data and AI are transforming the industry and what they can do about it. This module will first take the participants through the basics of AI, and then explore the many opportunities it provides in the data-intensive industry of finance while flagging the pitfalls they may face in adoption.

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